Burney Giftware

BURNEY GIFTWARE consists of a business team that has been in the Wholesale Giftware industry for over 60 years.  We have a reputation for quality and expedited service to our customers and are well-known in the industry for the variety and quality of our product offering. 

OUR SELECTION of Branded lines provides a wide variety of gift products for any store.  Our customer base consists of many types of retail and wholesale operations:Jewellery and gift stores are our main focus, with many specialty operations, including engravers, baskets companies and party planners, who benefit from our cost competitiveness and quick delivery.

PLEASE JOIN us in our showroom at our Head Office in Toronto at 24 Martin Ross Avenue, Unit 3, Toronto, or visit Ermes Pez, our BC sales representative, in our regional showroom in Vancouver, BC at the GX Building, 1868 Glen Drive Suite 144, Vancouver to see our product offering.  Visit us at the CanGift Gift Fairs in January/February and August of each year.  Looking forward to seeing you!

  • Toronto Gift Fair : International Centre, Booth # 2419

  • Alberta Gift Fair : Edmonton EXPO Centre, Booth # 1054